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DAILY&CO aggregates EU Marketplaces to create the largest unified channel of trade

Unlock new revenue streams by selling your brands in any European Channel of Trade. ​DAILY & CO brings your business to another level in a way that is fast, easy and inexpensive​

An all-in-one solution for e-commerce

We provide an exclusive full range of Marketplace integration and distribution services all through Europe.

  • Supply Chain
    & Logistics

    Warehouse Logistics,
    Delivery Management.

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  • Sales

    Campaign Management,
    Advanced Content,
    Pricing Management.

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  • Catalog

    Channel of Trade formating,
    Content Optimization,
    Media Production.

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  • CRM

    Costumer Service,
    Feedback Management.

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Our Solutions, and for whom?

Our tailored solutions for your business.

  • Manufacturers

    • brand creation & registry
    • media creation
    • website development
    • advertising
      & social media services
    • UE import, duties
      and storage services
    • marketplace implementation
    • distribution & invoicing
    • Customer service
  • Brands

    • Europe wide
      Marketplace integration
    • Identify the Marketplaces
      that better suit your brand
    • SEO, SEM and Marketing
    • Stock sync
    • brand consistency across
      all channels of trade
    • Sales report
  • Brick & mortar

    • Marketplace creation
    • Catalogue integration
    • Media creation
    • Supply chain Management
    • Customer Service
    • Invoicing

Access the European Marketplaces that better suit your brand.

IT system

We’ve developed a specific, powerful and dedicated IT system. Built from the ground up, its unmatched scalability and reliability is constantly tested against the highest standards.

Why partner with us

  • Keep

    Your brand, your decisions.
    Keep control of your Marketing Mix while trusting us with the operational implementation.

  • Spend

    Instant access to 1.5b unique
    monthly users.

    Daily&CO aggregates all the major EU Marketplaces into a single channel of trade. Making your products available to 1,5b-plus monthly users.

  • Focus on
    your strengths

    No fixed costs.
    Our sales commission partnership guarantees that you only pay when you sell.

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