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DAILY&CO offers an Unified Solution Suite that enables businesses to enhance their presence on European marketplaces through a comprehensive 360-degree approach.

We specialize in orchestrating and activating client data to unlock e-commerce potential.


  • Orchestration


    We transform complex data into actionable insights, providing a unified and automated data management solution

  • Integration


    Enriched and structured data goes through the right connectors and actions and then is accessible to the right marketplaces

  • Distribution


    Plug & Play: we give the brands the possibility to access effortlessly 45+ distribution channels accross 7 European countries.

  • Activation


    In addition to orchestration we offer our expertise in fulfillment, publishing, sales activation, customer services...


Beyond the simple integration of European marketplaces, our expertise is based on the advanced orchestration of your catalog data: we exploit our technological know-how to maximize the operational efficiency of our partners. We transform complex data into actionable insights, delivering unified and automated data management.

When the data is cleaned, enriched and structured, we are able to apply numerous governance functions (data catalog management, data classification, traceability monitoring, distribution of data flows)

We specialize in orchestrating and activating client data to unlock e-commerce potential.


Experience seamless integration with our comprehensive solution, designed to connect your channels of trade to the right marketplaces with ease. With a solid foundation of orchestrated and governed data, we ensure that your products are accurately categorized, segmented, and mapped to the appropriate platforms.

Our established rules and debugging processes guarantee a smooth transition, regardless of the marketplace you choose or already have in mind. We excel in navigating through the intricate web of connectors and actions, and we also offer the option to connect you with top integrator companies for added support.

Together, we determine the ideal channels for your business, surrounded by the best service providers handpicked by our team. We assess your specific needs collaboratively and take care of the rest, from validation to implementation.

Choose to integrate directly with your preferred marketplaces through the Daily&Co account, where you can delegate tasks with ease. Let us handle the integration process seamlessly, allowing you to focus on growing your business.


With access to over 30 top-tier platforms and a strong presence across 45 channels spanning the entire European landscape, we offer unparalleled reach into 7 key nations.

Recognizing the unique opportunities each platform presents, we ensure comprehensive coverage to maximize your brand's visibility and impact.

How we proceed? Meticulous mapping. From fine-tuning product categorization to nailing down pricing strategies, our expert team ensures every detail is meticulously planned for seamless integration and optimized performance across the board.

With dedicated teams boasting deep expertise in marketplace integration and distribution, we're equipped to navigate the ever-evolving complexities of the European market landscape.

Accelerate your distribution timeline with our streamlined processes and efficient logistics, ensuring your products reach customers faster than ever before.

Sales Activation

We go beyond mere integration and orchestration of your data. We breathe life into your brand and products on marketplaces, offering a comprehensive solution that includes fulfillment services, direct-to-consumer invoicing, management of your A+ content, product push strategies, pricing optimization, and event-driven promotions like Sales, Black friday, sales.

We also provide ongoing customer service support to ensure a seamless experience for your customers. Our goal is to maximize your presence on marketplaces and elevate your products through dynamic strategies.

While being present on marketplaces is essential, it's the implementation of these strategies that truly brings your products to life and creates magic. Choose our services from orchestration to sales activation for an optimized experience of your products on marketplaces.

Powering E-commerce Success on Marketplaces: Data + AI + Logistics + Human Expertise

DAILY&CO is the marketplace integration standard for brands and manufacturers in Europe.

We offer a full range of marketplace integration and distribution services, unifying
European marketplaces into a single channel of trade.
With our AI-driven technology and expertise, we provide seamless integration with your Shopify, Magento, or other platforms, granting you instant access to a network of 45+ European marketplaces.
Expand your reach, optimize sales, and unlock the full potential of European marketplaces with us.

Experience the power of full integration.

More benefits to you

  • Single point
    of entry

  • Full

  • Keep brand

  • Marketplaces

  • Cost

  • Reactivity

  • Analytics &
    machine learning

Tailored solutions

For every business


  • brand creation & registry
  • media creation
  • website development
  • advertising
    & social media services
  • UE import, duties
    and storage services
  • marketplace implementation
  • distribution & invoicing
  • Customer service
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Brands / Resellers

  • Europe wide
    Marketplace integration
  • Identify the Marketplaces
    that better suit your brand
  • SEO, SEM and Marketing
  • Stock sync
  • brand consistency across
    all channels of trade
  • Sales report
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IT system

We’ve developed a specific, powerful and dedicated IT system. Built from the ground up, its unlimited scalability and reliability is constantly tested against the highest standards.

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