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Get instant access to 40+ European marketplaces with +1,5 billion monthly visitors

Seamless marketplace integration, powered by cutting-edge AI technologies. With our expertise and advanced tools, we offer a competitive edge to our clients, allowing them to effortlessly expand their reach across various marketplaces. Our AI-driven solutions streamline the entire process, making marketplace integration a breeze.

We are experts
in European Marketplaces

Powering E-commerce Success on Marketplaces: Data + AI + Logistics + Human Expertise

DAILY&CO is the marketplace integration standard for brands and manufacturers in Europe.

We offer a full range of marketplace integration and distribution services, unifying
European marketplaces into a single channel of trade.
With our AI-driven technology and expertise, we provide seamless integration with your Shopify, Magento, or other platforms, granting you instant access to a network of 40+ European marketplaces.
Expand your reach, optimize sales, and unlock the full potential of European marketplaces with us.

Experience the power of full integration.

Our range of applications

  • Products Catalog Enrichment

    Understanding that each marketplace has its own specifications, we ensure that your listings adhere to their requirements down to the smallest detail.

    Our proprietary technology seamlessly connects your product catalog (via Shopify, Magento, or other platforms/database) to desired marketplaces.

  • Orders Management

    We have designed a powerful tool that enables you to track your orders with a glance, regardless of the marketplace.

    Our API allows you to retrieve information about customer orders, import them directly into your CMS, and synchronize real-time order status.

  • Customer Services & Feedback Management

    Not only the custommer’s always right, he’s also very anxious.

    From pre-sales to after-sales,we guarantee a 24/7 multilingual customer service in line with Marketplaces expectations.

    Then we ensure a high rate level of reviews

  • Fulfillment by DAILY&CO

    We've got you covered regardless of how you choose to sell your products. Our European fulfillment solution enables efficient delivery to customers across Europe.

    Accelerate your logistics and fulfillment outcomes in the world of e-commerce with our expert team and advanced technology. We ensure your inventory is always in stock and capable of fulfilling third-party shipping requirements.

  • Stock & Pricing Synchronization

    Anytime in any channel of trade your stock and pricing are always updated and aligned with your inventory and pricing strategy per countries.

  • Sales Activation

    Campaign management, Advanced content, Store creation, Brand banners. All these tools which makes the difference we are managing

More benefits to you

  • Single point
    of entry

  • Full

  • Keep brand

  • Marketplaces

  • Cost

  • Reactivity

  • Analytics &
    machine learning

Tailored solutions

For every business


  • brand creation & registry
  • media creation
  • website development
  • advertising
    & social media services
  • UE import, duties
    and storage services
  • marketplace implementation
  • distribution & invoicing
  • Customer service
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Brands / Resellers

  • Europe wide
    Marketplace integration
  • Identify the Marketplaces
    that better suit your brand
  • SEO, SEM and Marketing
  • Stock sync
  • brand consistency across
    all channels of trade
  • Sales report
Boost my sales

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IT system

We’ve developed a specific, powerful and dedicated IT system. Built from the ground up, its unlimited scalability and reliability is constantly tested against the highest standards.

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