We are
e-commerce experts

We provide an exclusive full range of Marketplace integration and distribution services all through Europe.

Our omnichannel approach

Daily&CO provides a single access point to Europe’s
1,5 billion monthly Marketplace visitors

  • Supply Chain
    & Logistics

    From warehouse to customer’s house. Our logistic network allows storage and delivery throughout Europe

    • Full IT automation
    • Accurate tracking numbers
    • Any size of products
    • Pooling shipping volumes
    • (Providing the best delivery cost range)
  • Marketplace

    Its not about being there. Its about differentiating yourself from all the others

    • Media optimization
    • Content translation
    • SEO and attributes per marketplace
    • Taking advantage of all the tools
      provided by each Marketplace
    • Advertising Management
    • Stock Synchronization
  • Push

    Advanced solutions custom-build to your brand

    • Advanced Content
    • SEO
    • Tailored Advertising
    • Dynamic pricing
  • CRM

    A happy costumer is your best advertiser

    • 24/7 multilingual customer service
    • Feedback management
    • Same day reply
    • Order tracking (Delivery and Returns)