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DAILY&CO’s affiliate Programs offer you a unique opportunity to generate income by promoting our services.

Your network could benefit from DAILY&CO's services, and as a participant, you will receive attractive rewards and monthly commissions for successfully referring new customers.

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  • Freelance experts

    Digital experts, Shopify experts, Community managers, graphic designers, creatives, content marketing, Earn money by promoting DAILY&CO

  • E-commerce Solutions Agencies

    You deal every day with clients with an retail ecommerce activity. Recommend them DAILY&CO
 and get a special commission

  • Marketplaces and Distributors

    You know several brands with specialized business with one will, be present on market places. Get reward in refering your contact.

  • Esteemed Partners

    You already know our business model have experienced firsthand the value we bring. Your satisfaction is a testament to our commitment to excellence. .

  • Share your network :)

    You are passionate of ecommerce, you write a blog, you have a strong network, don’t hesitate to fill the form and earn money with us.

How do you


  • Compensation Plan

    You can earn up to a total of €8,000 for each contact who signs a contract with DAILY&CO.

  • Easy

    Receive your commissions directly into your bank account each month, without any delays or hidden fees.

  • Signed

    Your compensation is based on the monthly retainer your referred
    contact pays.


  • Scalable 

    Your compensation is based on the value of the contract that your referral signs up for and the Gross Merchandise Value generated through your referrals. This structure gives you multiple avenues for earning,

  • Fast and reliable payments

    Once the new partner is onboarded receive your commissions directly into your bank account each month, with no delays or hidden fees.

  • Free marketing 

    Utilize our banners, links, and marketing materials to optimize your advertising campaigns at no extra cost.

  • Dedicated 

    Benefit from dedicated customer support to answer all your questions and help you maximize your earnings.

  • Real-time 

    Access a personalized dashboard to track your performance, sales, and commissions in real-time.

  • Access to a network you could partner with

    Gain entry to a network potential clients, opening doors for collaborations that can further amplify your reach and earnings.


An easy Journey for more earnings


Fill out the simple and quick online application form on our website. Your application will be reviewed and approved within 24-48 hours.

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Get Your Affiliate Links

Once approved, log in to your personalized affiliate dashboard where you can access unique affiliate links and marketing materials.

Start your missions

You can start to introduce DAILY&CO to qualitative potential partners. Commissions will only be paid out after a successful partnership agreement has been signed.

Track your performance

Monitor your sales, commissions, and performance metrics in real-time through your affiliate dashboard, allowing you to optimize your marketing strategies. Once the partnership is starting, you’ll be noticed.

Get paid

Receive your commissions directly to your bank account each month. Your earnings are based on both the value of the contracts your referrals sign up for and the Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) generated through them.