How to create the perfect Amazon Product Sheet

Amazon’s by far the biggest ecommerce channel of trade. Which means that there are probably thousands of products just like yours listed on the platform. Having a flawless product sheet is the essential starting point for your brand to have a fighting chance of selling. Even advertising will only get you so far without a proper listing (you can also read about advertising on Amazon here)

Here’s some tips on how to create a product sheet that’ll stand out from competition


First thing’s first. A title must captivate the buyer’s interest. Not only it’ll help people find your product but should also encourage them to click to find out more. There are some guidelines to follow:

  • Capitalize only the first letter of each word - not acceptable the letters
  • Use numbers rather than words
  • If relevant, include size and color

Basically, you’ll want to follow this order: brand name, keywords, descriptive elements.

Be sure to keep in concise. You don’t want to have your clients exhausted by simply trying to understand what is it that you’re selling.


Here’s your chance to describe your product. The best way to do it? Respecting Amazon’s expectations.

  • Number of characters: preferably not more than 1900. Don’t forget to include relevant keywords
  • Bullet points: capital letters for each title, each one containing a unique selling point. Be sure not to use more than 250 characters per bullet point

Visual Content

Let the images speak for themselves.

  • Use a pure white background, with the product covering at least 80% of the image
  • Show the entire product, but only what is included in the listing
  • Minimum of 4 pictures
  • Include the product identifier in the file name (the Amazon ASIN)
  • A small video greatly increases the impact of the page on users.

Enhanced Content

This is a more advanced feature: A+ content and Brand Stores. It is only available to professional sellers who have been approved as brand owners.

A+ Content allows you to describe your product features in a different way, by including a unique brand story, enhanced images and text placements.

Stores allow you to showcase your brand and products in a multipage, immersive shopping experience. It helps shoppers explore your full range of products. It also allows you to measure your success: metrics like sales, visits, page views and traffic sources are made available by Amazon.

Taking time to perfect your Amazon listings while surely pay off. Amazon has very specific rules and regulations, but once you know them, it really just comes down to great copy and element optimization.

And, as always, DAILY&CO is here to help you and your brand achieve the maximum success. In every marketplace - Amazon included.